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12/13pcs Succulent Plants Tools Set

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Origin: CN(Origin)

Material: Plastic

ITEM TYPE 5: Garden Hand Tools

ITEM TYPE 4: Garden Plant tool

ITEM TYPE 3: Succulent Plants Tools

ITEM TYPE 2: Transplanting Tools

ITEM TYPE 1: Gardening Tool

Features9: Stainless Steel

Features8: Garden Hand Tools

Features7: Garden Tool Sets

Features6: Indoor Gardening Tools

Features5: Gardening Plant Care

Features4: Miniature Planting Tools

Features3: Transplanting Succulent Tools

Features2: Mini Garden Tools

Features1: Mini Transplanting Tools

Features: Succulent Tools

Succulent Plants Tools Mini Garden Hand Tools Set Transplanting Tools Miniature Planting Gardening Tool Set for Indoor Miniature
Type A 12/13Pcs

Material: Stainless steel
Bottle: 500ml
Cleaning brush: 4.7inch
Tweezers: 4.7inch
Scissors: 4.1inch
Dust blower: 5.7inch
Transplanting tool: 5.5inch
Bucket shovel: 6.3inch
Rake shovel: 6.7inch, 7.8inch, 8.2inch
Floor mat: 75*75cm

1.Multi-function: complete various gardening tasks such as watering, weeding, digging, transplanting, pruning, soil loosening, hydroponics, planting, etc. It is convenient for small succulent plants and bonsai plants.
2.The shovel head, shovel head and rake head are all made of stainless steel, which has a good sense of use. The handle is made of high-quality ABS material, which is easy to clean.
3.Transplanting tool set: The transplanting tool is combined with seedling raising tools and dual-purpose transplanting tools to help loosen the soil, sowing, paving and transplanting safely.
4.The perfect gift for beginners and advanced flower or miniature arboretum gardeners.
5.100% brand new and high quality.

Package Including:
12Pcs Set:1x bottle (500ml),1x cleaning brush,1x curved tip tweezers,1x leaf trimmer,1x dust blower,2x transplanting tools,2x bucket shovel,3x rake shovel
13Pcs Set:1x bottle (250ml),1x cleaning brush,1x curved tip tweezers,1x leaf trimmer,1x dust blower,2x transplanting tools,2x bucket shovel,3x rake shovel,1x Floor mat 75*75cm
(Choose according to your needs.)

1.Due to the difference between different monitors, the picture may not reflect the actual color of the item. We guarantee the style is the same as shown in the pictures.
2.Please allow slight dimension difference due to different manual measurement. Thank you for your understanding.

TypeB 16Pcs
Material: plastic
Suitable for: sucking plants and indoor small plants, etc.

Air blowing: Clean the dust and absorb the water in the leaf center after watering.
Spoon and shovel: paving, landscaping, and small pot planting and filling.
Bucket shovel: planting fill soil and large pot paving.
Cleaning brush: clean plants or flower pots.
Seedling lifter: The front end is used to move seedlings or support seedlings during planting, and the bottom end is used to compact the soil.
Punch: Planting and punching are convenient for root insertion or for applying fertilizer and topdressing.
Tweezers: clean dead leaves and remove impurities.
Watering bottle: 17*5cm
Air blowing: 14cm
Filling bucket shovel: 15cm
Scoop: 14cm
Punch: 13.5cm
Seedling riser: 13cm
Rough cleaning brush: 11.5cm
Cleaning brush: 12cm
Elbow tweezers: 11cm
Straight tweezers: 12cm
Small scissors: 10cm
Pointed shovel: 20cm
Round head shovel: 19cm
Small rake: 16cm
Spray pot: 21*4cm
Operation pad: 75*75cm (Due to manual measurement, there will be an error of 1-3mm.)

1.The shovel-type slope shovel is made of wood and steel and the wooden handle is easy to use. The stainless steel head still maintains its style after repeated use.
2.The combination of the modification tool set, the seed tool and the dual-purpose flower transfer tool can help you loosen soil, seeds and transport seeds safely.
3.The curved mouth of the watering bottle is designed to help you water the roots of small plants. The air blower is soft and easy to blow out the surface dust.
4.It can meet various gardening needs, digging, watering, loose soil, changing water, cleaning, pruning, etc.
5.Lightweight handle can reduce wrist pain and fatigue, making planting easier and faster.

Package included:
16Pcs set: Watering bottle*1 Air blow*1 Filling bucket shovel*1 Scoop*1 Punch*1 Seedling riser*1 Cleaning rough brush*1 Cleaning brush*1 Elbow tweezers*1 Straight tweezers*1 Small scissors*1 Pointed shovel*1 Round head shovel*1 Small rake*1 Spray can*1 Operation pad*1 (Buy whichever you need)

Type D 7Pcs

Qty: 7pcs
Material: plastic
Contains: 7-piece set with a curved mouth pot of 250ml
Packaging: a set [7pcs]
Selling point: For horticultural plants and succulent planting. Convenient.